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Welcome to Portland Beauty Spa, Portland’s Eco-Friendly beauty spa that's proudly partnering with Pure Elegancy Artistry because their team has the skill, knowledge, experience, and technology to make your dreams a reality. We use state of the art technology combined with the highest quality cosmeceutical beauty products that contain bioactive ingredients infused with fruits and vitamins so you look your best.

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At Portland Beauty Spa, we provide several facials and face treatments including laser wrinkle removal and PDO thread face lifts.


Laser treatments have become the gold standard for non-invasive face lifts and smooth eye. Get the look you want with laser.

Body Care

Body care encompasses a wide range of services from wraps and anti-cellulite treatments to laser scar removal, we do it all.

Customized Beauty Treatments

Almost every service we provide is customized to your needs, your goals and your unique skin type. We understand that everyone is different and unlike other Portland Beauty Spas, we give you the ability to select beauty services so you can create YOUR perfect spa day! Our years of experience and dedication to perfection in customer service has taught us that your needs are different from the next person’s needs and at Portland Beauty Spa, we cater to our discerning customers. So if you would like to add a face lift or skin tightening treatment to your spa day, just let us know during scheduling.

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Customize Your Beauty Treatments
You Deserve The BEST!

At Portland Beauty Spa, we utilize the very best and most effective beauty products, formulas, application techniques, and the latest technology to ensure you look your best. From top rated celebrity quality beauty products to the most advanced cosmetic technology in the world, our #1 goal is to make your inner beauty shine brightly so you look truly amazing while improving your overall health and wellness at the same time. We will break through the unsightly bonds that are holding you back and hiding your true beauty. When you want to look your best you need to call the best Portland Beauty Spa in town because you deserve it!